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[tor-talk] TBB Firefox 60.4 missing custom color widget?

In TBB 8.0.4 / Fx 60.4.0_Linux, under Prefs / fonts & colors / colors, there's only the pre-set 7 x 10  grid of colors to select from.  There's no "custom colors" button to open a custom color widget. I couldn't determine in TBB Web Developer - Browser Toolbox if it has been disabled in Tor Browser, or missing in this Fx ESR version?

Regular Fx 64.x (in Linux) now uses a create custom color "ring with triangle inside" type of custom color selector.  In regular Fx. it pops up as soon as I click on the existing color sample boxes, for Text and Background - that are default black text & white background.

Older versions (both TBB & regular Fx) had a button at the bottom of the prefs / Colors popup box, to open a custom colors tool.
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