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[tor-talk] Node Down and Old Version Notifications

Hello everyone,

The other day I got a really helpful e-mail. It seems a person named Paul wrote a program to check the PGP key servers and e-mail people to let them know that their keys are about to expire. After updating my key I thought about how an approach like this on the Tor consensus could be used to notify people when their Tor node goes down, or when their version of Tor is out of date and therefore their node becomes "not recommended."

Though such a tool might be useful, I wonder if it is in the spirit of Tor. I know that a lot of people obfuscate their e-mail when running a Tor node (using AT instead of @, etc.), and I'm sure part of the reason this is being done is because they don't want to be contacted by bots. However, maybe they would want to be notified if their node went down or was out of date.

Are there any thoughts on whether or not a tool like this is a good idea? If people think it's in the spirit of Tor I'm willing to sit down and try to write it up.



Kevin Gallagher
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NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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