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Re: [tor-talk] circpathbias.c : Your Guard vs The Guard

Lars Noodén <lars.nooden@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The log messages "Your Guard" make produce confusion,  Looking at the
> latest code base I see the string "Your Guard" recurring.
> Does this string actually refer to a Guard the user is responsible for
> operating and maintaining?  Or does it refer to the guard the Tor client
> is connecting to on its first hop in the circuit?  If it is not a guard
> operated by the person running the Tor client, then perhaps the string
> ought to read "The Guard" instead of "Your Guard".
> $ head -n 1 ChangeLog
> Changes in version - 2018-11-16
> $ grep -n -r 'Your Guard' ./src/feature/client/circpathbias.c
> 1335:                 "Your Guard %s is failing to carry an extremely
> large "
> 1359:                 "Your Guard %s is failing to carry an extremely
> large "
> 1383:                 "Your Guard %s is failing to carry more streams on
> its "
> 1440:                 "Your Guard %s is failing an extremely large "
> 1464:                 "Your Guard %s is failing an extremely large "
> 1488:                 "Your Guard %s is failing a very large "
> 1513:                 "Your Guard %s is failing more circuits than "

Agreed that this is confusing (as can also be seen by this email
thread). I opened a trac ticket where people can brainstorm and
hopefully submit patches for this issue: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28895#ticket

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