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[tor-talk] Torify WebDAV?


Apologies for those who already read my message at the tor-onions
mailing list [0]. But, as I got no answer there, I am trying now here.

I have an onion service with a Nextcloud server. I would like to access
its files from a GNU/Linux 32-bit computer. Nextcloud desktop client is
torifyable, but it is 64-bit.

I tried to access my files with
torsocks nautilus
so that I could access them in Nautilus through "Connect to server"
using WebDAV, but it says it cannot resolve hostname. I don't know how
to troubleshoot. Any help is very much welcome.

I also tried by davfs2 as explained at

I followed the instructions, but I do not know how to torify it in order
to reach my .onion domain. The things I tried do not work (torsocks
mount ./nextcloud)

Any suggestion on how to access my onioned Nextcloud files from my
32-bit GNU/Linux computer will make me very happy!

Thank you!

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