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[tor-talk] "Tor Circuit" list in TBB displaying incorrect exit node and IP address

I have noticed that the "Tor Circuit" list in Tor Browser sometimes shows
an incorrect IP (and location) when connected to specific web sites.

I used "StrictNodes 1" in torrc and selected the exit
"PrivacyRepublic0001" which is based in France and has an IP address of

Usually when I checked the "Tor Circuit", the correct is
shown. However, sometimes it showed a different IP of
(Switzerland), (Netherlands), and (Austria). is "mccowan", is "Spigen", and
is "karfiol". None of these are exit nodes.

The odd behavior only happens with certain sites:
https://bitcointalk.org/, https://www.cato.org/,
https://www.whatismyip.com/ (for example - there must be many more)

It does not happen with Google, Gmail, Amazon, Alexa, Yahoo, CNN, BBC, etc.

This is nothing to do with any specific exit node. I've tried it with
others. For some reason, on a minority of sites, the correct exit node
does not show in "Tor Circuits" and, in its place, a non-exit node is

Is this a known bug? Or something problematic with certain sites? Why are
these sites different?

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