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Re: [tor-talk] Dos defense .

On 12 Dec (15:09:03), drlove@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


> How do I configure my hidden service to use the latest Dos defense in tor
> In my tor/torrc file underneath my hiddenservice info I added
> HiddenServiceEnableIntroDoSDefense 1
> HiddenServiceEnableIntroDoSRatePerSec 25
> HiddenServiceEnableIntroDoSBurstPerSec 200
> and tried to reload tor which failed, I then tried remvoving the numbers
> from the end and still failed.
> What am I doing wrong? Do I need to place it in a seperate location?

These options need to be *under* the "HiddenServiceDir" since they are
specific per HS.

If it still fails, maybe providing the output of the error?



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