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Re: SORBS blacklisting tor servers [off topic]

Thus spake Michael Laccetti [c] (michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> Well, I use SORBS to block spam, but it was interesting to find my tor server in
> there.  And to delist it?  I have to access SORBS from the server itself.  Oh
> boy, now to fight with links.  That's just weak. 

Good luck. My experience has been that the SORBS people are completely
unwilling to compromise and seem to believe that since their blackhole
list is optional, they don't have to hold themselves to any particular
standards or burden of proof. 

You might consider a combination of the following tools in lieu of


I just recently added DSPAM to my SpamAssassin setup, and in two weeks
it has reduced my spam from 5/day to 1-2/week. Supposedly it will get
much better over time as it continues to learn. My spam folder gets 25

I'm particularly curious about the SBL tool, but I haven't had time to
set it up. It seems to be The Right Way to blacklist, IMO. At least if
you value such principles as "Innocent until proven guilty" and
similar ideological pillars of a non-fascist society that SORBS and
other blacklist maintainers seem to view as inconvenient in their War
Against Spam.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs