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RE: SORBS blacklisting tor servers

Well, I use SORBS to block spam, but it was interesting to find my tor server in
there.  And to delist it?  I have to access SORBS from the server itself.  Oh
boy, now to fight with links.  That's just weak. 

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Just to let everyone know...

I noticed that SORBS (yet another DNS based spam prevention blacklist) has
blacklisted several (all?) tor servers. Their web site is at:


They are listing the following additional information in the database for all
blacklisted tor servers:

   Likely Trojaned Machine, host running unknown trojan

When using their quite nice de-listing interface to look up evidence of abuse,
the system just tells that I do not have permission to look up the evidence...
smells fishy.

Janne Snabb

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