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Re: a NAT problem

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 10:24:38PM -0600, Aaron Cannon wrote:
> I have another question however.  In the documentation, it says that you 
> can not run as a server if you are behind a NAT.  But, when looking at the 
> config file, this does not seem to be correct.  It seems as though you can 
> run a server behind a NAT as long as you have a static IP and all the ports 
> forwarded to all the right places.  As long as my "address" line is set to 
> my static IP, other clients will know where to contact my server.  Is this 
> correct?  If so, then perhaps the documentation should be updated to 
> reflect this.

Right. If you have an address that isn't behind nat (that people can get
to from the outside), then you're all set. It's only if you're behind
nat (by which I guess I mean 'only behind nat'), then we can't deal with
that yet.

We don't care where the actual processing happens. We just care that it
(the server) is reachable.

Hope that helps,