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RE: Tor service monitoring util available?

Right you are, they CAN be done. But, having done such a thing
before myself, it surprises they are not part of the TOR package.
Splicing, bit by bit, the different routines/scripts/etc can be
a pain for such things as tunneling software. Tor is a net of
its own, the nodes are just routers. The problem is the monitoring
tools we have behave at a different layer. Like trying to track
web stats with a packet counter. I believe that this should be part
of the Tor effort. I shudder when I say things like this on an
open-source-related forum, I see someone saying "so,... write them
yourself!" Sorry, no skill, no time; mind rusting on all edges.
Just experience talking.

So, is there such a thing??? Hey, TOR folk! You must have some
gamma, beta, utils out there to see how your brainchild is doing.
Something better than a birds eye, macro, view. If nothing else,
for curiosity's sake.

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> > Does such a thing exist?
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> Most of the things you've described can be done with existing 
> tools like 
> MRTG, or RRDTOOL. Especially the Tor unrelated things (CPU 
> usage etc) can 
> be done with existing monitoring tools. Tor can be easily 
> integrated into 
> MRTG etc. to add the Tor specific information.
> Having said that, I did write a small windows application 
> which uses the 
> Tor control protocol to monitor the bandwith on the Tor 
> server, and it 
> could be easily expanded to provide more information. I just need to 
> find the time :D.
> I've also toyed with the idea of providing a PHP interface 
> which can be 
> used to make a server monitoring web site.
> I'll post stuff as I get around to it...
> Cheers,
>     Andre