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Tor service monitoring util available?

Having run a tor server for a short while, I find myself in
want of a simple monitoring/stats utility that would show me
the status of the service at my local node. Ideally it would:

- Monitor the service and report problems via email a/o beeper
- Give local statistics: Connections, bandwidth, exit requests,
	tunnel requests, etc, etc. Including ports (to see for
	example, who hogs the service and such).
- Total bandwidth, cpu, memory usage versus other local usage.
- Bandwidth and latency for nodes entering a/o exiting through
	the local node.
- Have a web access so all monitoring and control can be used
	from a remote location.

I am sure there must be other relevant stats. As tor, at the end
of the day, behaves as a virtual net maybe it would be possible
to add snmp service to it so traditional (and available) net
monitoring tools could be used. 

Does such a thing exist?