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RE: questions of morality

Good point Aaron, I like the subject line 'questions of morality'

I have seen a couple of responses so far (E. Nolan & P. Forgey) and,
yes, they are right. Yes, freedom of speech and ideas should always
win out in any choice, and, yes, every tool since time immemorial can
be use for good or evil. The question is the cost. At what cost do
we do things. Is the cost of abuse worth the effort of anonymity?
A moral question like all others, a question of choice and personal

I have been a publisher (old media) in a developing country, as was
my father, and I have seen first hand the oppression that comes from
*tracking down* the opposing view. I have also seen it in the US where
I live now and Europe where I grew up. I know it personally. If one
has to make a choice, choose to cooperate with anything that guaranties
the freedom of the individual. Minimize the moral cost as much as you
can but, at the end of the day, take the risk on freedom. Just as we
should assume innocence over guilt, if we have a choice.

Go for it, and help. Many good people do and help the authors refine
the system, including better ways to avoid abuse if we can.

Regards, -Manuel

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> Hello all.  I'm a new member of the list and a newbie to TOR. 
>  I have been 
> looking for a worthy cause to donate my bandwidth to.  I 
> think I might have 
> found it in TOR, but I am a little bit hesitant because I am 
> not eager to 
> facilitate someone's wrong doing.  On the other hand, I would 
> like to help 
> those who would like anonymity online.
> So, I suppose, in the end, it comes down to the simple 
> question: do the 
> positive uses of TOR out-weigh the negative ones?
> I'm not looking to start a flame war.  I'm just curious how 
> many of you 
> have thought about this aspect of TOR in depth (I would guess 
> probably most 
> of you have) and what your thoughts were.
> Thanks and sorry if this topic has been covered before.
> Sincerely
> Aaron Cannon