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Re: ExitPolicy abuse


Probably you are focusing on a wrong problem, You all are looking for possible abuses and methods how to avoid them (blocking some ports, IP rangs, etc.).

But for me the real question is: who is abusing the power in such cases (described in previous e-mails).

I think the real problem of American people is they generally beleive that the State is a potentially Bad Guy, who should be supervised in order to avoid abusing it's powers.

But I think the real problem is becoming private sector. In US you don't have legislation to protect information privacy in private sector (majority of legislation deals with limiting State's power only), and very interesting sign of this problem is privacy in the workplace: since the employer owns all the equipment, it is absolutely reasonable he or she monitors all the activities of employees. (This is not the case in Europe.)

Here we have similar problem. ISP owns the equipment, and this supposedly means they could disconnect you of almost any reason, even poorly argumented. If that has been done by some state court, I am sure everybody would jump up and start screaming it is illegal, "innocent until not proven guilty", etc. Slashdot would be reporting long stories about abuse of state's powers and illegality of such actions.

In this case, we have ISP, which is owner of an equipment and all you simply assume that this fact gives him the right to disconnect you based on one, unproven e-mail complaint. Here ISP is this subject who has the power, and such acts means he is abusing it.

What is wrong with you guys? I mean, I am really interested in if you see this as a problem or not? And if you do - why do not take any actions against this abuses of power?
If I would be the guy in Justice Department, I wouldn't take any legal steps against Tor network. Of course not, because we all know that legal steps against it would cause great public reaction. I would rather annoy Tor users by sending unproven e-mail complaints to their ISP's and with imilar preassures. The result would be the same: destruction of Tor network, but in the latter case, there would be no public reaction.

At the end remains simple question - what is more important: personal rights and freedoms of people OR the right to dispose absolutely freely with private property? I thik the state is not the biggest problem - the biggest problem becomes society.

Bye, Matej
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