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squid - privoxy - tor problem


I was using the setup described here:

But I think it doesn't works as it is supposed to work.
I signed up for a mailing-list, and got an automated reply that someone
with my IP number signed himself up far the list. That was correct, i
did sign myself up for the list, the problem is that the request
shouldn't have come from my IP address, but from a Tor exit node.
I stopped squid and only connected through privoxy and signed myself up
again, this time I got the mail with a Tor exit node IP.

Seems to me that the described setup doesn't always use the Tor route. I
verified this by using the old config (with squid) and opening
It said I was using Tor.
After that I stopped Tor and opened the privacy-knoppix page again,
instead of an error, the page just opened, but now it told me I wasn't
using Tor.

Squid probably uses some kind of timeout value to connect to the parent
proxy, if the timeout is reached, it tries to get the page for itself. I
was unable to change this behavior so I stopped using Squid altogether.

Martin Balvers