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Re: ExitPolicy abuse

Add me as google groups victim #10, I believe.  My ISP received an email from
google supposedly, and demanded I stop running tor.  I changed it over
to a middleman node.

For those wishing to see how little it takes to strike fear in the
hearts of an ISP, read http://rootme.org/tmp/abuse-google.txt.  I don't
even see a complaint or threat in there.  That's all I received with
some hatemail from the ISP.

Can anyone suggest any more anonymous or understanding ISPs in the


On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 10:04:41AM +0100, sk.list@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.4K bytes in 11 lines about:
: And what is the flaw? Providing an HTTP interface to the Usenet?
: SK
: On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 17:40:02 -0500, Kero-Chan <kerochan2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: > The abuse is because of the security flaws in Usenet/GoogleGroups, and
: > not because of tor. Forcing a tor server to shut down because of this
: > (even if the mail and the abuse are verified) is illegal. It's like
: > closing a thief's mother in prison "because she gave birth to a
: > criminal".
: >