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Prioritizing from source ip?

Hey guys. I've been running my tor router for about 6 months now, and my
only grip thus far is that my bandwith allocated for the month gets
consumed in about 2 weeks. As you all know, once the bandwith is
consumed, tor hibernates. I was just wondering if there's a facility in
place to allow a certain source ip (or two) to *ALWAYS* be allowed, and
mabey even to have a higher priority than say someone in .jp...

Does such a facility exist? I realize that I could use iptables an tor
to do this by setting my tor bandwith limit for to to say 100gb / month, and
setup iptables to stop allowing connections from everyone else but my
ip when the rate hits 50gb. Therefor locking out everyone else, and
alloting me an extra 50gb...

Any better ideas?