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Re: TLS errors

On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 02:11:00PM -0000, Tony wrote:
> In the 'notices' I frequently see errors that say something like
>'tls error. breaking' and then list an address.
> What do these mean?

Are you sure you're getting them at log-level notice? Usually those
lines are at log-level info, and if so they're harmless.  But if you're
seeing them at 'notice', then there may be other problems -- can you
post a few lines of context? Hopefully the log lines around it will
be self-explanatory.

> nb - my upstream provider already received 2 complaints that i am
>running a TOR server in the first 24 hours! Luckily as I am a paying
>customer they are being tolerant at the moment.

I'm sorry to hear that. Now might be a fine time to take one of their
admins out for a beer, make a friend, and teach him about Tor. :)