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Re: Socks/TOR setup question

Sorry to come back again with this question, but I would appreciate an
help to fix this problem..

My question below; I add that I am using SockCap to socksify some
programs. SocksCap is setup with (Socks4 OR Socks5, it
doesn't change anything), and the log messages come when I use a
socksified program...

If there is a way to use the socks server of TOR without SocksCap for
software that haven't any "proxy option", I don't know them...

Thank you again.

> Hello,

> I  use Tor, TorCP and Privoxy:

> Privoxy listens on 8118
> TOR requests are sent for http and https to on 8118,
> and to on 9050 for the socks requests.

> That works fine,  but  I am always receiving such message in the Log file:
> "[Warn] Your application (using socks4 on port 49370) is giving Tor
> only an IP address.  Applications  that  do  DNS  resolves
> themselves  may  leak information.  Consider  using  Socks4A  (e.g. via  privoxy  or socat) instead."

> This message is created when any application uses the TOR server,
> no matter if I parameter it as a socks4 or socks5.

> As I am already using Privoxy, what must I change in my config so
> that this message isn't generated? Moreover, must I setup my
> applications to use TOR as a socks4 or a socks5 server>

> Thank you!