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RE: TLS errors

My provider has replied and suggested that they learn how to use the ‘Kline’ function of their IRC server, lol.






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On 2/6/06, Tony <Tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

nb - my upstream provider already received 2 complaints that i am running a TOR server in the first 24 hours! Luckily as I am a paying customer they are being tolerant at the moment.

My provider received several complaints about my tor server yesterday (they did not say how many). The weird aspect is that I run a middleman node (exit policy set to reject everything). I have checked the output of netstat and there are no suspicious connections. It may be relevant that I upgraded from stable to the latest alpha over the weekend but I doubt it is.


I was not allowed to see the original complaint(s) but one quote was that "I advertised my server using IRC on undernet", and there was some additional rubbish about how I was contributing to credit card crime.


I am left wondering what could be behind this. I presume others would have mentioned if some bozo was busy complaining to all internet providers who host tor servers, whether they run exit nodes or not?