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Found: TorCap2 (with GUI)


I was surfing yesterday and I found the second generation of TorCap.  TorCap2 is very similar to TorCap (Socks4a support) except that TorCap2 is written in C, it is much smaller than TorCap and TorCap2 has a nice little GUI.

TorCap2 is used just like TorCap in that you put the files TorCap2.exe, TorCap2.dll and TorCap2.ini into the \Tor\ directory.  TorCap2 has only been tested on XP.

Start TorCap2 and the GUI loads, input host:port and exe. path into GUI just as you did with command line TorCap.  Then click the "launch" button and you off.

I really like TorCap2 vs. TorCap not only due to it's GUI but TorCap2 seems to have fewer open connetions than TorCap.

Here is the TorCap2 readme:

Here is the TorCap2 .exe and source code:


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