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Do these break Tor's anonymity?


I have searched the web and the wiki but I have not found an answer.  Would someone be so kind as to please answer the following three questions?

Does the following break Tor's anonymity? 

1. Egress Echo requests.

If egress Echo does break anonymity is there a way to anonymize the egress Echo traffic?

2. Wlan Mac address.

If the Mac address does breaks anonymity is there a way to anonymize it?

3. Egress traffic to "xxx.x.x.in.addr.arpa".

I see this domain with different IP's in my firewall logs; I found this little site which mentions reverse-dns-lookup with "...in.addr.arpa"

I assume the "...in.addr.arpa" address is the address of the EntryGuard but I am not positive.


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