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Re: [SPAM] Free SSh access that allows port forwarding

Cool. I got some other good info from Kyle Barger that you should see coming through or-talk right about now. I e-mailed their tech support about this with the following question:

Dear Cotse.net Support,

I am interested in your services for many reasons, but one in particular that I'd like help with is the following:

I operate a Tor Onion Router (http://tor.eff.org/), in order to help others safe and anonymous online. However, my current situation is such that an ISP firewall that I cannot control prevents inoming connections to my relay from the rest of the Internet. It is set to use very little bandwith, only about 64-128kbps at any given time.

My question is this: Given this service's benefit to  'net users at large, and its relitavely minute drain on total SSh bandwidth, would it be possible for me to tunnel incoming traffic on the required port (TCP:9050 and/or TCP:9030) through to my system? If this sounds dubious, I'm more than happy to contractually agree to bandwidth limitations on this, etc.

Andrew B.

hackmiester / Hunter Fuller wrote:
On Saturday 25 February 2006 18:07, ADB wrote:
    I was planning on doing some testing to see what the performance
would be like for tunneling tor over a remote SSh connection to allow
users to connect to my server though this WAN firewall. Unfortunately,
it looks like my SSh server back home is not responding, and no one
there of course knows how to fix that. Thus, I'll need to find a third
party SSh host that will allow me to forward the appropriate ports. I
have an sdf.lonestar.org and a silenceisdefeat.org account, but neither
seem to allow port forwarding.
    Does anyone on this list happen to know of a very cheap or ideally
free service that I could use? Perhaps someone wants to make a deal of
some sort?
You might want to check out ShellsNet.org - I have a shell on that site that 
allows forwarding. Connect using IRC to irc.shellsnet.org and join 
#c&hservices and I'll hook you up. :-)
Proud Tor Paypal supporter!