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Re: [SPAM] Free SSh access that allows port forwarding

On Saturday 25 February 2006 18:07, ADB wrote:
>     I was planning on doing some testing to see what the performance
> would be like for tunneling tor over a remote SSh connection to allow
> users to connect to my server though this WAN firewall. Unfortunately,
> it looks like my SSh server back home is not responding, and no one
> there of course knows how to fix that. Thus, I'll need to find a third
> party SSh host that will allow me to forward the appropriate ports. I
> have an sdf.lonestar.org and a silenceisdefeat.org account, but neither
> seem to allow port forwarding.
>     Does anyone on this list happen to know of a very cheap or ideally
> free service that I could use? Perhaps someone wants to make a deal of
> some sort?
You might want to check out ShellsNet.org - I have a shell on that site that 
allows forwarding. Connect using IRC to irc.shellsnet.org and join 
#c&hservices and I'll hook you up. :-)
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> Proud Tor Paypal supporter!

If you can read this, you don't need glasses.

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