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Re: Free SSh access that allows port forwarding

Very cool I'll check this out. In addition, Ultimate-Anonymity.com provides good services for cheap prices as well. They provide much of the same services, but it differs a bit. There's a one-time 29.95 fee, and they also do snail-mail remailing which has come in handy several times.

BTW, how would I go about port forwarding such that when a client tries to connect to port 9050 or 9030 on that ssh server, it redirects to those ports on my local box over here? I know the commands for getting my data to go in and out from this end, but I don't know how to do a "firewall-style" port forward via secure shell. Any help with this would be most appreciated, and if it works I'll certainly pass along the results and documentation to everyone.


Kyle Barger wrote:
  Does anyone on this list happen to know of a very cheap or ideally
free service that I could use? Perhaps someone wants to make a deal of
some sort?

Don't know about free, but cotse.net charges US$5.95 a month and they have
some other stuff (e.g. web interface to mixmasters) that you might find