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BandwidthRate does this actually work ?

Do these settings actually work ?


I ask this because i am running a low bandwith 20 KB server and it is saturating the connection which is currently 32 KB will be increased to 64 KB soon.
I have tested the connection and it is able to deliver the full 32 KB.
In the torrc config file i have tried both:
BandwidthRate 20 KB and
BandwidthRate 20000 and they seem to do nothing.
Tor is saturating the connection so bad that the ntp time server on the
machine can't stay in sync due to not being able to access the internet.
If i can't get these to work i might have to shut down the tor server until i can get qos working on my router.(currently broken).A new firmware is due out soon but soon could be a month.

Also what are you supposed to set BandwithBurst to ?


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