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Re: BandwidthRate does this actually work ?

Roger Dingledine wrote:
On Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 07:33:49PM -0600, Harley Peters wrote:


Well i tried and it didn't seem to help me. The problem is when
i turn on directory mirroring i get so many directory requests that it saturates the connection. And since bandwidthrate doesn't check the out bound traffic which is what directory traffic mainly is it just uses all the bandwidth the connection has. The rest of the tor traffic hasn't been anywhere near the the bandwidth limit i have set.

Were you setting BandwidthBurst as well? The version of Tor
will refuse to send out a directory if your write token bucket is empty,
and it will only be empty if your BandwidthBurst has been exhausted.

So if you set a BandwidthRate of 20 KB, and leave the BandwidthBurst at
the default of 5 MB, it will be a long while until it becomes empty.

Please let me know if that helps,

Yes i set the BandwidthBurst to 20 KB as well. But it didn't seem to help.
It's saturating the upload (outbound) side of my connection which is currently 32KB.


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