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How-To route other protocols through Privoxy (e.g. IRC)


I was reading the site "ExitTheMatrix" (
) and I found directions to route non-HTTP protocols
through Privoxy...

Quoted from ExitTheMatrix:
If you intend to use Privoxy to access non-web ports
(such as IRC), you may want to edit "default.action"
and replace the line containing "limit-connect" with
"+limit-connect{1-}" to allow privoxy to connect to
all ports.

Has anyone tried this?  I thought Privoxy was only an
HTTP srubber.

What would the benifit be to routing other protocols
through Privoxy?  Does Privoxy filter these protocols


While were on the subject; here is my Privoxy "Main
Configuration" lines for routing Tor and I2P:

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .
forward .i2p localhost:4444


Thank you for any help and information givin.

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