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Re: Wedged cpuworker

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 10:20:04PM +0000, mike@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.6K bytes in 22 lines about:
: Feb 22 21:59:13.588 [notice] cull_wedged_cpuworkers(): Bug: closing
: wedged cpuworker. Can somebody find the bug?
: Does Tor need restarting after this? It still appeared to be passing
: traffic.

	Tor will continue to work.  You're just running with one less

: Incidentally I have a hyperthreading processor so have set NumCPUs to 2
: - or should this only be used with two physical processors?

	I suggest testing it out.  I'm not sure hyperthreading provides
	any performance gains with Tor.