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Re: questions

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 12:29:38PM -0600, richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.1K bytes in 34 lines about:
: phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
: This morning after noticing that tor was NOT running, I looked in the /etc/rc.d
: entries and compared them to those on an FC4 box where I have the version

Line 222 of tor.spec.in will setup chkconfig --add tor for new
installations only.

The relevant code is below:
# If this is a new installation, use chkconfig to put tor in the
# default set of runlevels. If it's an upgrade, leave the existing
# configuration alone.
if [ $1 -eq 1 ]; then
    /sbin/chkconfig --add %{name}