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Torpark writes to system temp folder

Hi, another issue about security. 

When running Torpark, it appear in Windows XP´s default 
temp folder (Documents and Settings/.../Temp) as this: 

nst2E.tmp     <-this is a folder 
~DFF991.tmp   <-this is a file 

Into the folder is this items: 


Now that may be due to I have the Torpark folder on the 
same drive, or what? If Torpark was running from another 
(temporary inserted) drive, would it then have to create 
the whole path to an own Temp directory on it´s own drive? 

I´ve not tested with Torpark externally. Maybe this thing 
is corrected in the release (I´m running, 
otherwise it probably are a bug that can be taken care of 
in a future release, I hope. 

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