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Re: Anonymity questions

Well, to be honest, I did´nt really believe that NSA would botter 
with the average "secret surfers". They are out for the big lunatics, 
them who did the demolision work at WTC for example. If somebody 
(just by mistake) download some cracks, or (by accident for sure) 
happen to get a new movie "for free" or something like that, they 
probably don´t give a sh*t about, if they see it. Or what you think? 

As for my case, it´s just about soft anarchismus on a private level 
(not out to crunching the world). My business, my private emails etc. 
Hope none of you either is that type of guys the NSA looking after... 

Anyway, for the best security, I suggest the in on EU, out on USA or 
the other way around should be the safest against end point spyes. 
However, that´s in my opinion and like I previously stated, I´m none 
IT expertize. 

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 22:05:19 +0100, "Jens Lechtenboerger"
<lechten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Actually, I didn't mean to start a discussion about adding features
> to Tor (like padding/GRE/IPsec).  I was just hoping to get a little
> bit of feedback on how to choose Tor nodes to gain the most in view
> of a published attack.
> Sadly, there wasn't any.
> In addition, I think that the TorFAQ was not too precise about the
> "global adversary".  As I wrote in my initial email, if you happen
> to contact a server observed by your ISP or if you choose an exit
> node observed by your ISP then your ISP "is" a global adversary.
> I updated Sections 6.1 and 6.7 of the TorFAQ to clarify this.
> More feedback this time? :-)
> Jens

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