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Re: Anonymity questions

nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Well, to be honest, I didÂnt really believe that NSA would botter 
> with the average "secret surfers". They are out for the big lunatics, 
> them who did the demolision work at WTC for example. If somebody 
> (just by mistake) download some cracks, or (by accident for sure) 
> happen to get a new movie "for free" or something like that, they 
> probably donÂt give a sh*t about, if they see it. Or what you think? 

In Germany the plan is to use EU data retention to go after *every*
type of illegal Internet activity.  This may include free movies
appearing accidentally on your disk ;)

> Anyway, for the best security, I suggest the in on EU, out on USA or 
> the other way around should be the safest against end point spyes. 
> However, thatÂs in my opinion and like I previously stated, IÂm none 
> IT expertize. 

That's my guess as well.  Thanks