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Re[FF]: How-To route other protocols through Privoxy (e.g. IRC)

Hello Andrew,

--- ADB <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Its a SOCKS-->HTTP translator of sorts. In other
> news, I updated the 
> "Firefox Performance with Tor" entry to reference
> the FasterFox plugin,  
> ~Andrew

I have FF configured via. the directions in
that Wiki entry, which increased my surfing speed

Then I tried using FasterFox and all my about:config
settings(from the Wiki) were removed. Also, it seemed
after I used FasterFox my speed *slowed down*.

I read the page linked in the Wiki for more FF hacks. 
I did not apply any further hacks as the ones listed
in the Wiki gave me excellent results.

I once agagin applied the about:config settings from
the Wiki and FF is noticably faster.

Is using FasterFox with the fasteset settings
preferable to manually configuring about:config
according to the Wiki?


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