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Re: Re[FF]: How-To route other protocols through Privoxy (e.g. IRC)

It's really two different ways to get the same result. If you wanted to, you could apply all of FasterFox's settings via about:config. The only reason I have both is because Firefox has been around much longer than the Fasterfox extension, and when I wrote the docs originally manual was the only option. Do other readers find this unclear? If so, I can easily go back and add a sentence laying out the options verbatim. Personally, I just use FasterFox with the Optimized or Turbocharged setting. You can do some playing around with stuff, but I've found that while Turbo is sometimes a bit faster than Optimized, it will make some servers be unable to send you content in full or sometimes even at all, as that setting uses settings outside of the official RFC specs. That said, I'd try Optimum first to make sure every thing's working, and then try your luck with Turbo after you've eliminated any other quirks.

Hope this helps,

Anothony Georgeo wrote:
Hello Andrew,

--- ADB <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Its a SOCKS-->HTTP translator of sorts. In other
news, I updated the 
"Firefox Performance with Tor" entry to reference
the FasterFox plugin,  

I have FF configured via. the directions in
that Wiki entry, which increased my surfing speed

Then I tried using FasterFox and all my about:config
settings(from the Wiki) were removed. Also, it seemed
after I used FasterFox my speed *slowed down*.

I read the page linked in the Wiki for more FF hacks. 
I did not apply any further hacks as the ones listed
in the Wiki gave me excellent results.

I once agagin applied the about:config settings from
the Wiki and FF is noticably faster.

Is using FasterFox with the fasteset settings
preferable to manually configuring about:config
according to the Wiki?


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