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Tor is out

This is the eighth development snapshot for the 0.1.2.x series. You'll
notice that it's a beta -- more mature than an alpha but not yet a
release candidate. It fixes a few crash bugs, and generally continues
to clean things up. We're getting close!

The bundles also come with Vidalia 0.0.11.


Changes in version - 2007-02-26
  o Major bugfixes (crashes):
    - Stop crashing when the controller asks us to resetconf more than
      one config option at once. (Vidalia 0.0.11 does this.)
    - Fix a crash that happened on Win98 when we're given command-line
      arguments: don't try to load NT service functions from advapi32.dll
      except when we need them. (Bug introduced in;
      resolves bug 389.)
    - Fix a longstanding obscure crash bug that could occur when
      we run out of DNS worker processes. (Resolves bug 390.)

  o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
    - Correctly detect whether hidden service descriptor downloads are
      in-progress. (Suggested by Karsten Loesing; fixes bug 399.)

  o Major bugfixes (accounting):
    - When we start during an accounting interval before it's time to wake
      up, remember to wake up at the correct time. (May fix bug 342.)

  o Minor bugfixes (controller):
    - Give the controller END_STREAM_REASON_DESTROY events _before_ we
      clear the corresponding on_circuit variable, and remember later
      that we don't need to send a redundant CLOSED event.  (Resolves part
      3 of bug 367.)
    - Report events where a resolve succeeded or where we got a socks
      protocol error correctly, rather than calling both of them
    - Change reported stream target addresses to IP consistently when
      we finally get the IP from an exit node.
    - Send log messages to the controller even if they happen to be very

  o Minor bugfixes (other):
    - Display correct results when reporting which versions are
      recommended, and how recommended they are. (Resolves bug 383.)
    - Improve our estimates for directory bandwidth to be less random:
      guess that an unrecognized directory will have the average bandwidth
      from all known directories, not that it will have the average
      bandwidth from those directories earlier than it on the list.
    - If we start a server with ClientOnly 1, then set ClientOnly to 0
      and hup, stop triggering an assert based on an empty onion_key.
    - On platforms with no working mmap() equivalent, don't warn the
      user when cached-routers doesn't exist.
    - Warn the user when mmap() [or its equivalent] fails for some reason
      other than file-not-found.
    - Don't warn the user when cached-routers.new doesn't exist: that's
      perfectly fine when starting up for the first time.
    - When EntryNodes are configured, rebuild the guard list to contain,
      in order: the EntryNodes that were guards before; the rest of the
      EntryNodes; the nodes that were guards before.
    - Mask out all signals in sub-threads; only the libevent signal
      handler should be processing them. This should prevent some crashes
      on some machines using pthreads. (Patch from coderman.)
    - Fix switched arguments on memset in the implementation of
      tor_munmap() for systems with no mmap() call.
    - When Tor receives a router descriptor that it asked for, but
      no longer wants (because it has received fresh networkstatuses
      in the meantime), do not warn the user.  Cache the descriptor if
      we're a cache; drop it if we aren't.
    - Make earlier entry guards _really_ get retried when the network
      comes back online.
    - On a malformed DNS reply, always give an error to the corresponding
      DNS request.
    - Build with recent libevents on platforms that do not define the
      nonstandard types "u_int8_t" and friends.

  o Minor features (controller):
    - Warn the user when an application uses the obsolete binary v0
      control protocol.  We're planning to remove support for it during
      the next development series, so it's good to give people some
      advance warning.
    - Add STREAM_BW events to report per-entry-stream bandwidth
      use. (Patch from Robert Hogan.)
    - Rate-limit SIGNEWNYM signals in response to controllers that
      impolitely generate them for every single stream. (Patch from
      mwenge; closes bug 394.)
    - Make REMAP stream events have a SOURCE (cache or exit), and
      make them generated in every case where we get a successful
      connected or resolved cell.

  o Minor bugfixes (performance):
    - Call router_have_min_dir_info half as often. (This is showing up in
      some profiles, but not others.)
    - When using GCC, make log_debug never get called at all, and its
      arguments never get evaluated, when no debug logs are configured.
      (This is showing up in some profiles, but not others.)

  o Minor features:
    - Remove some never-implemented options.  Mark PathlenCoinWeight as
    - Implement proposal 106: Stop requiring clients to have well-formed
      certificates; stop checking nicknames in certificates. (Clients
      have certificates so that they can look like Tor servers, but in
      the future we might want to allow them to look like regular TLS
      clients instead. Nicknames in certificates serve no purpose other
      than making our protocol easier to recognize on the wire.)
    - Revise messages on handshake failure again to be even more clear about
      which are incoming connections and which are outgoing.
    - Discard any v1 directory info that's over 1 month old (for
      directories) or over 1 week old (for running-routers lists).
    - Do not warn when individual nodes in the configuration's EntryNodes,
      ExitNodes, etc are down: warn only when all possible nodes
      are down. (Fixes bug 348.)
    - Always remove expired routers and networkstatus docs before checking
      whether we have enough information to build circuits. (Fixes
      bug 373.)
    - Put a lower-bound on MaxAdvertisedBandwidth.

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