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Re: Norwegian DNS compromized

This is probably a coincidence, but during and after my talk at HackCon
this month a technical guy from NextGenTel was furious over the use of
Tor, and wanted me to recommend not setting up Tor servers! He claimed
that the use of Tor at an ISP (he claimed this on behalf of every ISP)
was against the rules of the agreement with the end user and claimed to
have had lots of problems with Tor users.

One thing he specifically mentioned was the problem of blacklists
targeting IP-ranges within NextGenTel, where I calmly tried to explain
that the problem might be the blacklist operators. And that the solution
is not to ban Tor but to explain the Internet to these blacklists. I did
not get the names of any of the lists, but maybe someone reading this
have had similar experiences and can post a "list of these blacklists"?

BTW. Xiando: Does NextGenTel allow DNS queries to servers outside of
their network?

 - Lasse