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Re: Norwegian DNS compromized

If this is true, the answer to the strange DNS query is likely that
NextGenTel is using a filter service developed by the Norwegian Police
on their DNS queries to stop this type of traffic. I think that being
registered here is a verification for that the address already is
reported to (at least) the Norwegian authorities.

BTW. This filter is possible to implement on exit nodes, but I have
found too little information on how the filter works. (Yes, I know, some
people think that all censorship is bad, but if they stop only reported
illegal sites, it might be worth discussing.)

Whether the or-talk list is the correct place for this I don't know, the
developers can stop the thread.

If we already stop spam and bittorrent I think this is much worse!

 - Lasse

Mr. Blue wrote:
> I would just like to say that we should report that alolita.com because
> it is connected to bunch of PEDOPHILES!!!
> Is must be banned from Tor netowork and it should also be reported to
> authorities.
> */Michael_google gmail_Gersten <keybounce@xxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:
>     The first test, where alolita.com resolves to different addresses, is
>     concerning. Did the site just change addresses in the last day or so?
>     (Those timeout values are one hour, and one-half hour.)
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