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Re: about Tor in Linux

     On Fri, 01 Feb 2008 09:01:30 +0100 Andrew <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Jackie schrieb:
>> I want do some programming with Tor, I've heared that Tor is developed on Linux platform, so I want to switch my OS to Linux. But since Linux has so many variations, I don't know which one should I install for programming Tor?
>For tor, it really doesn't matter, since building it from source is
>really easy.
>So use a distribution that is a) safe, b) fits your needs, c) you feel
>comfortable with.
>As a server environment, SUSE or OpenSUSE have proven themselves (among
>many others). For home/office use Ubuntu has become very popular since
>it is very easy to set up. And then there's my favorite, gentoo - a real
>allrounder, quite fast and (AFAIK) safe.
>But that's just a couple of distributions I've been working with; there
>are many others out there. Depending on what you want to do with it, my
>suggestions might or might not be good choices.
>But again, for tor developement, any distribution will probably do.
     I'll put in a plug for FreeBSD here, too.  tor builds and installs
with no modifications under FreeBSD 6.x and also seems not to have been
afflicted in any dramatic way by at least some of the various memory leaks
that have been identified on this list over the past several months.  It
hasn't caused any memory growth problem on my system yet in any version.
     When I was still updating my ports tree, it always built correctly
from the port.  I stopped updating the tree many months back when the
FreeBSD ports team froze the tree in preparation for the switch from X.org
6.9 to 7.2, so all versions of tor that I've installed since that time
I've built from the source tar archives available for download from the
tor web site.  It always builds correctly with no changes required at all.
The torrc should be modified to taste, of course, but that's true anywhere.

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