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Re: About WLAN and monitoring..


> There's also the possibility (at leat for some versions of linux and 
> newer Windows versions, not sure about other OSs) to spoof (change/hide) 
> your MAC address.
> Be advised that such applications might be illegal in some countries.

If that' illegal, it would mean that you can't produce NICs in that 
country because you can't assign a MAC! The reason is that after production
of the hardware there is always a MAC; usually 00:00:00:00:00:00 or ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
and to set a "real" MAC you have to change the MAC. I have done this dozens of

And because a standing target is easier to hit, a static MAC is a security risk,
and these countries are less safe e. g. to penetration attacks. 
Therefore i'm using macchanger:


Another reason is that a MAC can simply be logged and copied, so everyone can 
copy "your" MAC and do nasty things with it. To avoid trouble caused by "your"
MAC in log files, the only way is to use another random MAC!

Which countries are affected of static MACs?
Only north Korea and Iran or some more "evil" countries?