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Re: tor memory leak under Ubuntu 6.06

Andrew schrieb:
Dietrich Schmidt schrieb:
| My (rented) server has a guaranteed amount of 128 MB RAM,
| and I am running apache webserver with ssl and php, postfix mail,
| cyrus imaps and ldaps on it
If you're talking about a Strato vServer here, it works just fine up to a bandwith of approx. 3MBits each way (for a relay node). Above that, your server runs out of memory to handle new connections - note that this is also true for any other service, especially FTP; so you should keep an eye on it.
My experiences with the 'small' Strato vServer are that the memory for tcp
sockets is sufficient but they have a hard limit of 500 TCP connections. If
you reach that limit, no new socket can be opened. (Have a look at
/proc/user_beancounters to find out which limit is hit.)
My way to circumvent it partially is to set MaxAdvertisedBandwidth to 50kb/s
to attract less users and the relay doesn't announce its DirPort.
RelayBandwidthRate and RelayBandwidthBurst are set higher (suitable to the
monthly traffic limit) and the relay usually makes full use of the available
RelayBandwidthRate even if it attracts less users.

P.S. But even in that configuration it consumes about 200M of RAM.