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Fastmail.fm better E-mail for Tor users than Gmail? HTTPS!

A lot of Tor users seem to prefer using Gmail as it appears to be one
of the few web mail services with secure logins and sessions. POP use
aside, if we focus here on what most people use Gmail with, their web
browser, I would like to start a discussion about the benefits of
Fastmail.fm vs. Gmail for Tor users. I've just started using
Fastmail.fm and I can login with https, remain within my Fastmail.fm
account in https, and logout still in https without being forced to
non-secure http.

I've noticed when languages switch as tor exit nodes change, sometimes
you will be logged into one https session on Gmail, and it will log
you out with http. I've noticed some problems with broken connections
and sign in secure transferring to http once in awhile too with Gmail.
How can we be sure our cookies are safe? I don't trust it at all.

I haven't had any problems using Fastmail.fm when I access it as:


Sign in, use it, and logout. But with Gmail there's usually some odd
problem now and again with a broken connection, or insecure moment
with a warning popup. I'm sure a lot of other people using Tor with
Gmail have noticed this too from time to time, unless you use POP (POP
aside, as mentioned above). I would like for this thread to be a
discussion of Tor users' experiences with Fastmail.fm, please share
your experiences with it when using Tor with it and your web browser,
and any negative experiences you've had, if any.

I am not affiliated with Fastmail.fm. I just discovered this somewhere
on a discussion forum, maybe even this list? I thought of raising the
subject for discussion, being as I've recently read a post on this
list from a user who said Gmail was the only end-to-end HTTPS E-mail
service good for Tor users, not true! I don't know anything about the
people behind Fastmail.fm or its history, if you have anything to
share about it and any privacy or security issues, please discuss!

I was tickled with delight when I signed up for Fastmail.fm in secure
mode, without being sent to some http mode following the sign up! I
signed up for a free account only, I have no experience nor am I
recommending a paid account, let's use this thread for the discussion
of free Fastmail.fm accounts with Tor please.