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Re: New Tor distribution for testing: Tor Browser Bundle

I did notice torbrowser was in the directory format that is friendly with PortableApps format applications, so props on that.

Interesting take, taking what Portable Tor has done and bringing it to an all inclusive bundle.

On Jan 31, 2008 1:40 AM, Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:52:18 +0000 "Steven J. Murdoch"
<tortalk+Steven.Murdoch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Recently I have been working on creating a distribution of Tor which
>includes a pre-configured browser -- the Tor Browser Bundle. It is
>intended for being run off an USB flash drive, but will probably also
>be helpful to users who want an easy-to-setup packaging of Tor.
>More information and download links can be found here:
> http://torbrowser.torproject.org/
>The bundle contains Firefox, Tor, Vidalia, Polipo and Torbutton. No
>installation is needed (just unpack the contents). All the components
>are automatically started by one double-click.
>The bundle is new, and contains development versions of Tor, Vidalia
>and Torbutton, so should be considered a testing release. I do hope it
>will be useful, and I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, and bug
    I do hope that you, as well as others on this list who are developing
portable versions of tor and tor-related applications and bundles thereof,
are coordinating your efforts with the good folks at portableapps.com, who
have already assembled a significant collection of portable applications
suitable for burning onto CDs or flash drives, including Firefox,
OpenOffice.org, and many associated packages (extensions, utilities, etc.)
They even have a sort of "super  bundle" called PortableApps Suite that
contains ClamWin, Firefox, Gaim, OpenOffice.org, Sudoku, Sunbird, and
Thunderbird.  There is a "lite" version of the suite that substitutes
AbiWord for OpenOffice.org, and a "base" version whose OpenOffice.org is
a stripped-down version.  Check all this stuff out at


It would be a shame either to duplicate the efforts of others needlessly
or to keep your bundle(s) from the wider audience outside of the OR-TALK

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