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Re: another unusual connection

just seen Roger's post! gonna try running on Tor

On 2/12/08, john smith <d1nqf0s4vg9wk5ilq@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since my last post I have observed that, in the Tor Network Map
> component of Vidalia, the list of relays is no longer being updated.
> Currently, the list of relays announces that 400 relays are online
> (685 total).
> On another box running Tor as client, I see my relay listed & a much
> larger number of relays are announced as being available.
> Also, the Tor circuits are no longer being listed in the connections &
> status pane of the Network Map. Refreshing the list of relays does not
> change anything but establishing a connection via firefox will prompt
> the tor circuit to be listed in the connection & status pane.
> This is the first time, since reporting these unusual connections,
> that there has been anything like this happen.
> I forgot to post with the log yesterday that the connection to the
> *new* IP address persisted for around 10 minutes (the duration of a
> circuit).
> If this is a bug, why are so few other people reporting it? This seems
> odd to me! More recently I acquired a static IP address from my ISP to
> replace my dynamic IP address but I can see no reason why this would
> result in the type of unsual connections that I have reported.
> Other comments posted on this subject have begun to make me wonder if
> these unusual connections may be attributable more specifically to
> some aspect of my connection. Could this be the case? There have been
> no other changes to my connection apart from what I had mentioned in
> previous posts (updated firmware on my router).
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> john smith