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Re: another unusual connection

Since my last post I have observed that, in the Tor Network Map
component of Vidalia, the list of relays is no longer being updated.
Currently, the list of relays announces that 400 relays are online
(685 total).

On another box running Tor as client, I see my relay listed & a much
larger number of relays are announced as being available.

Also, the Tor circuits are no longer being listed in the connections &
status pane of the Network Map. Refreshing the list of relays does not
change anything but establishing a connection via firefox will prompt
the tor circuit to be listed in the connection & status pane.

This is the first time, since reporting these unusual connections,
that there has been anything like this happen.

I forgot to post with the log yesterday that the connection to the
*new* IP address persisted for around 10 minutes (the duration of a

If this is a bug, why are so few other people reporting it? This seems
odd to me! More recently I acquired a static IP address from my ISP to
replace my dynamic IP address but I can see no reason why this would
result in the type of unsual connections that I have reported.

Other comments posted on this subject have begun to make me wonder if
these unusual connections may be attributable more specifically to
some aspect of my connection. Could this be the case? There have been
no other changes to my connection apart from what I had mentioned in
previous posts (updated firmware on my router).

Any ideas?


john smith