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Re: A root-server for about 30EUR for an exitnode?

kazaam schrieb:
On Sun, 03 Feb 2008 16:24:24 +0100
Andrew <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

But it don't think it matters much, where your server is as long as your address still is in Germany, or am I mistaken?

Well I think/guess/believe/hope ;) if the police realizes that the IP-address has its origin in foreign countries they will know that it's very very complicated to confiscate this server and simply stop further investigations. With france that's something special because I think I can remind about some special agreement about the cooperation of their feds..
Well, it's an EU country, they should all be cooperating. But OVH offers another service that might be handy (not with the isgenug server though): IP-Geolocation in DE, ES, PL, UK. Server location is still France in all cases. That would make things even more complicated: Server "seems to be" in Spain, but is in France. And the owner turns out to be German. If that's not gonna lead to a royal bureaucracy mess, then I don't know ;) Sounds like a fun experiment to make. To bad I don't have the extra 45 bucks / month for another server ;)