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Re: A root-server for about 30EUR for an exitnode?

Olaf Selke schrieb:
cutting off power supply after the first TB traffic is transferred would comply with this offer. Do you really expect them to permit 100MBit/s unlimited traffic each month for a few bucks?
Didn't I read something about a 99.9% uptime guarantee on their site?
Actually, the German Strato AG also has switched their dedicated servers, starting at EUR 70 a month, to an unlimited traffic plan. No fair-use or similar downsides. I'd just like to know what the bandwidth per switch is... and how many servers share that bandwidth.

More expensive than IP traffic will be ISP's personnel expenses for a tor exit gw's abuse handling.

Why? They just have to point the finger at the server's owner. That's not much work to do. I bet they have standardized emails for such cases.