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Re: A root-server for about 30EUR for an exitnode?

Andrew wrote:

Didn't I read something about a 99.9% uptime guarantee on their site?
Actually, the German Strato AG also has switched their dedicated servers, starting at EUR 70 a month, to an unlimited traffic plan. No fair-use or similar downsides. I'd just like to know what the bandwidth per switch is... and how many servers share that bandwidth.

I don't know and I doubt they will tell you. On the other hand Strato is one of the major hosting players on the German market. I'm convinced bandwidth will be sufficient for a tor node running on apples and oranges hardware.

More expensive than IP traffic will be ISP's personnel expenses for a tor exit gw's abuse handling.

Why? They just have to point the finger at the server's owner.
> That's not much work to do.

even each case takes only about 15min average, it becomes expensive.

That's not much work to do. I bet they have standardized emails for such cases.

German police do not use email for their inquiries. Usually the letter from police arrives first as fax and a few days later in writing. Not to mention they expect the answer pointing to me the same way. The only known exception accepting email communication I'm aware of has been a German secret service.