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Re: another unusual connection

On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 02:10:55AM -0600, Scott Bennett wrote:
>      However, given the obviously false information being provided by
> anon-tor-proxy.maximator.org (, could it please be
> flagged as "Invalid" and "Bad Exit" by the directory authorities?

Is it actually being a bad exit with respect to any content?

My guess is that it's doing a proxypass from its apache on port 80 to
whatever port Tor is running on locally, and Tor is getting confused
about what IP address to report, because all the addresses *it* sees
are coming from the apache server.

I just checked in another patch that will reduce instances of this in
the future, even for relays that haven't upgraded yet:

(There probably *are* a few malicious Tor operators out there somewhere,
but in general many of the issues people tend to raise on this list can be
more easily explained by bugs, misconfigurations, or other confusion. I've
met the fellow who runs maximator, and he's been running Tor servers
since 2005. He seems like a nice enough guy.)