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Re: OSI 1-3 attack on Tor? in it.wikipedia

Paul Syverson writes:

> Err no. That's exactly wrong. It is in fact "The Onion Routing".

Your explanation makes sense, and you're certainly in a much better
position than I to know the history of the project's name.  On the
other hand, there are many references that seem to call it "The
Onion Router", including Wikipedia and the Tor wiki:


> "The Onion Router" would make no sense in any case. It would
> imply that there was one amongst the c. 2K onion routers currently out
> there carrying traffic that is the genuine article.

I think it makes sense to call the _software_ "the onion router" and
any individual node "an onion router" (akin to "the Apache web server"
and "an Apache web server", "the Squid proxy" and "a Squid proxy").

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