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Re: Some router descriptors not being downloaded

Eric C schrieb:
I am not sure why Port 80 shows up. I do have StrictExitNodes set, but
the exit node I am using is up (pingable and I can connect to the OR
port and the directory server thinks it is running)
You may check if the descriptors show up in cached-descriptors or
cached-descriptors.new and if your cached-consensus states your chosen exit
nodes as valid and running (as your copy of the consensus will always be a
little out-dated compared to the one the directory servers use and maybe even
to the one xenobite & Co use).
You wrote about cached-routers, but that file is not used any longer by newer
tor versions, if there is a cached-descriptors. (BTW: what version do you
exactly use?)
Did you leave tor running for a few hours or did you stop and restart it all
the time you tried?